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Agriculture is the science of practicing cultivation of animals and plants for food, wool, fuel, shelter and other products for human sustainability and enhancement. With the estimated 9 billion human populations by the year 2050, food production demand has been increasing rapidly. Agriculture market is one of the biggest market sectors. Food and agribusiness forms bigger and bigger market which has been valued at $5 trillion USD. As per World Bank national accounts data the total Agriculture market values around 3.177 trillion USD in 2016. Growing economies and growing human population are the major demanding factors for the growth of the agriculture and food sector. Meetings International has scheduled to organize the world class Agriculture conferences across the globe in the following locations: Paris, France; Rome, Italy; Toronto, Canada; Osaka, Japan.

Aquaculture or aqua-farming is the science of farming or cultivating of aquatic organisms, including fish, crustaceans, molluscs, aquatic plants, fungi, algae and other aquatic life forms for the human consumption. It is the oldest, major food source. Increasing human population there by increasing demand for food, health benefits of aquatic food are the important growth factors of the global aquaculture market. Aquaculture market was valued at $169 billion USD in the year 2015, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.3% and it will reach $242 billion USD by 2022. Meetings International has scheduled to organize the world class   Aquaculture conferences across the globe in the following locations: Paris, France; Rome, Italy; Toronto, Canada; Osaka, Japan.

We focus on building long-term partnerships with our speakers, delegates and sponsors to ensure that our programs are not only relevant but connect to the real world limitations, challenges and opportunities faced by our customers. Through a significant presence in each industry and geographical market our events leverage the latest insights to ensure they remain relevant and practical in today’s business environment. Our speakers and delegates represent the leading innovators in their respective fields, with a thirst for knowledge and a willingness to share both their success and failures.

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The Meeting International Agriculture meetings intends to give a typical stage to individuals from various orders of farming beginning from agrarian designing,  rural innovation, plant science to agri-business and in addition advertising of agri-products. It is one of the main universal gatherings for exhibiting novel and essential advances in the fields of Sustainable Environment and Agriculture. It additionally serves to cultivate correspondence among analysts and professionals working in a wide assortment of logical regions with a typical enthusiasm for enhancing Agriculture related procedures.

Aquaculture is the field of science which explores farming of aquatic organisms involving developments in the rearing process to increase production. It is one of the the fastest growing food-producing sector and accounts for nearly 50 percent of the world's fish that is used for consumption. Scientists and aquaculture producers are "farming" all kinds of marine and freshwater species of fishes and plants.  Aquaculture grow plant species used in a range of food, pharmaceutical, nutritional, and biotechnology products.

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