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Welcome Message

Webinar on Nano Technology & Nano Engineering September 24, 2020 Berlin, Germany

Dear Colleagues,

It is with great pleasure that I greet you on behalf of the 18th International conference on Nanotechnology and Nano Engineering on June 22-23, 2020 at Venice, Italy. This year we came up with the theme: “The Rising Era of Nanotechnology & Nanoengineering”.

Following its tradition, this year the conference again offers a wide range of highly interactive sessions with Leaders of Nanotechnology and Nano Engineering and to discuss the related issues.

We are delighted that you choose to host the conference in this beautiful city Venice. This conference is a wonderful opportunity to not only educate students and young researchers but deepen understanding of changing ideas and innovative methods of treatments.

I am convinced that for professionals this is an excellent event that will allow you to learn many new things as well as share your experience.

See you at Venice!!!

Dr. Qingde Lee
University of Hull, UK

3rd International Conference on Immunology September 20-21, 2021 Madrid, spain

Esteemed Colleagues,

At no time in living memory had immune system been a more pressing concern. The COVID-19 pandemic and its calamitous economic consequences threaten us with a tsunami wave of psychological dysfunctions the likes of which we had never encountered before: mood disorders (especially depression), anxiety disorders, exacerbated personality disorders, and, in extremis, psychotic disorders. And this is not to mention the crests of addictions, substance abuse, child abuse, aggression, and domestic violence. We are ill prepared for this challenge: we lack the capacity, the funding, the training, the manpower, the institutions, the cultural sensitivity, and the resilience (because immunology practitioners are also human). Conferences like "3rd International Conference on Immunology" rush to the breach, to selflessly fill in the gap. It allows us, who are in the front lines of this impending doom, to regroup, exchange ideas, and be exposed to cutting edge research. We feel that we are not alone in our predicament and this gives us the strength to persevere. I wish you all an edifying and transformative day. Do join during September 20-21, 2021 in Madrid, Spain.

Prof. Sam Vaknin,
Southern Federal University, Russia
Member of the Organizing Committee