International Conference on

Nano Technology and Nano Engineering

Paris, France    July 16-18, 2018

Nanotechnology 2018

Theme: Nanotechnology: The World Behind Innovation

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Welcome to International Conference on Nano Technology and Nano Engineering, which will be held during July 16-18, 2018 at Paris, France. The conference will include Keynote speeches, Plenary Presentation which will be given by Distinguished Scholars and Experts from both academic institutions and industry, and Oral presentation by delegates and poster presentations by young junior participants. 

Nanotechnology 2018 will also provide excellent opportunity to meet distinguished scholars and experts and to exchange new ideas, new knowledge and application experiences face to face, to establish research relations and collaborations for future researches and projects.

Nanotechnology 2018 is a multidisciplinary conference and has a wide spectrum from Green Nanotechnology to Nanotoxicity, including Nanoengineering, Nanobiotechnology, Nanoelectronics, Nanomechanics, Nanophotonics, Nano Pharmaceuticals, and others.

International scientific activities, like conference, symposium and workshop are big scientific platforms for knowledge exchange among the scientists from all over the world, and to interact and communicate with each others. We believe that Nanotechnology 2018 will provide this opportunity for delegates from all over the world, from different cultures and countries.

The main purpose of Nanotechnology 2018 -Conference is to set a platform for both senior and junior delegates from universities, laboratories and industries to communicate and share their knowledge, or to teach and learn, to see what the research level of a certain area is, out of one’s own country, so as to find potential opportunities for domestic or international cooperation.

We believe that Nanotechnology 2018 will be performed in a hot and friendly atmosphere full of scientific, cultural and social activities. In particular, this conference will motivate junior and young delegates by interacting with expertise in their scientific fields and by encouraging them and improving their confidence of presenting research in an international platform.

The organizing committee is spending a great effort for an exciting and informative conference program including plenary lectures, symposia, workshops on a variety of topics, poster presentations and various programs for participants from all over the world.

We are pleased to invite prospective authors to submit their original contributions to Nanotechnology 2018 Conference, where you are sure to have a meaningful experience with scholars from around the world.

Prof. Dr. Osman Adiguzel (Organizing Committee Member)
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Firat University

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the “International Conference on Nano Technology and Nano Engineering ” which is going to be held during July 16-18, 2018 at Paris, France. Nanotechnology 2018 conference gathers renowned scientists, physicians, surgeons, young researchers, industrial delegates and talented student communities in the field of Nanotechnology under a single roof where networking and global partnering happens for the acceleration of future research.

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Why to attend:

The conference throws light on thought-provoking topics and recent research in the field of Nanotechnology and Nanoengineering like Green Nanotechnology, Nanoengineering, Graphenes and 2D Materials, Nanobiotechnology, Nanoelectronics, Nanomechanics, Nanophonetics, Cancer Nanotechnology, Nano Pharmaceuticals, Nanotoxicity and many more. The organizing committee is gearing up for an exciting and informative conference program including plenary lectures, symposia, workshops on a variety of topics, poster presentations and various programs for participants from all over the world. We invite you to join Nanotechnology 2018 Conference, where you are sure to have a meaningful experience with scholars from around the world.

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Track 1.Green Nanotechnology:
Nanotechnology conference focuses on the environment as it is the major concern in todays world. Green nanotechnology is the utilization of nanotechnology to improve the natural manageability of procedures creating negative externalities. It likewise alludes to the utilization of the results of nanotechnology to upgrade maintainability. It incorporates making green nano-items and utilizing nano-items in help of supportability. Green nanotechnology has been depicted as the improvement of clean advancements, "to limit potential natural and human wellbeing dangers related with the fabricate and utilization of nanotechnology items, and to support supplanting of existing items with new nano-items that are all the more ecologically neighborly all through their lifecycle.
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Track 2.Nanoengineering:
Nanoengineering is an interdisciplinary science that manufactures biochemical structures littler than bacterium, which work like minute production lines. This is conceivable by using essential biochemical procedures at the nuclear or atomic level. In straightforward terms, atoms connect through regular procedures, and Nano engineering exploits those procedures by coordinate control. The ramifications of having the capacity to control the "development" of materials from the nuclear level up are huge. Nanoengineering could possibly prompt a plenty of progressive materials and items that would not just profit zones like aviation, solution and innovation, yet regular day to day existence. Nanoengineering could prompt such useful applications as self-cleaning paint that never blurs or needs waxing; planes with skins that de-ice themselves and conform to various streamlined situations; and more proficient and cleaner consuming energizes.
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Track 3.Nanobiotechnology:
This nanotechnology conference focuses on nanobiotechnology which demonstrates the merger of organic research with different fields of nanotechnology. Nanobiology include: Nanodevices, (for example, organic machines), Nanoparticles, and Nanoscale. This specialized way can be utilized for organic research. Growing new apparatuses, for example, peptoid nanosheets, for therapeutic and natural reasons for existing is another essential goal in nanotechnology. New Nanotools are frequently made by refining the uses of the Nano tools that are now being utilized. The imaging of local biomolecules, organic films, and tissues is additionally a noteworthy subject for the Nanobiology scientists. Different subjects concerning Nanobiology incorporate the utilization of cantilever exhibit sensors and the use of Nanophotonics for controlling sub-atomic procedures in living cells.
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Track 4.Graphenes and 2D Materials:
Graphene and 2D materials have developed as promising contender for straightforward and adaptable terminals, electrochemical capacitor gadgets for vitality stockpiling, anticorrosion coatings. Possibly graphene and 2D materials could likewise be utilized for biomedical applications, for example, tissue building, sensors and medication conveyances and aviation applications. Because of its exceptional properties and moderately minimal effort, graphene and its subordinates have opened the window of chance for specialists to create materials and gadgets with novel functionalities and to enhance the nature of existing items. Nanotechnology conference provides researchers to share their views on this booming topic.
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Track 5.Nanoelectronics:
Nanoelectronics is the utilization of nanotechnology in electronic parts. The term covers a differing set of gadgets and materials, with the basic trademark that they are small to the point that between nuclear connections and quantum mechanical properties should be examined broadly. Some of these competitors include: cross breed sub-atomic/semiconductor gadgets, one-dimensional nanotubes/nanowires (e.g. Silicon nanowires or Carbon nanotubes) or progressed atomic hardware. Late silicon CMOS innovation ages, for example, the 22 nanometer hub, are as of now inside this administration. 
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Track 6. Nanomechanics:
Nanomechanics is a branch of nanoscience contemplating principal mechanical (flexible, warm and active) properties of physical frameworks at the nanometer scale. Nanomechanics has developed on the intersection of traditional mechanics, strong state physical science, factual mechanics, materials science, and quantum science. Regularly, nanomechanics is seen as a branch of nanotechnology, i.e., a connected zone with an emphasis on the mechanical properties of designed nanostructures and nanosystems (frameworks with nanoscale parts of significance). Cases of the last incorporate nanoparticles, nanopowders, nanowires, nanorods, nanoribbons, nanotubes, including carbon nanotubes (CNT) and boron nitride nanotubes (BNNTs); nanoshells, nanomebranes, nanocoatings, nanocomposite/nanostructured materials, (liquids with scattered nanoparticles); nanomotors, and so on. Nanotechnology conference provides platform to discuss new inventions in the field of nanomechanics.
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Track 7. Nanophotonics:
Nanophotonics or nano-optics is the investigation of the conduct of light on the nanometer scale, and of the association of nanometer-scale objects with light. It is a branch of optics, optical designing, electrical building, and nanotechnology. It frequently (yet not only) includes metallic parts, which can transport and concentrate light by means of surface plasmon polaritons.The expression "nano-optics", simply like the expression "optics", as a rule alludes to circumstances including bright, obvious, and close infrared light (free-space wavelengths from 300 to 1200 nanometers). Optical Engineers and Electrical Engineers can share their views in this nanotechnology conference.
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Track 8. Cancer Nanotechnology:
Malignancy nanotechnology is a branch of nanotechnology worried about the utilization of both nanomaterials, (for example, nanoparticles for tumor imaging or medication conveyance) and nanotechnology approaches, (for example, nanoparticle-based theranostics) to the finding and treatment of growth. Organic procedures, including ones important forever and those that prompt growth, happen at the nanoscale. In this way, truth be told, we are made out of a large number of organic nano-machines. Nanotechnology gives specialists the chance to think about and control macromolecules progressively and amid the most punctual phases of tumor movement. Nanotechnology can give fast and delicate discovery of disease related particles, empowering researchers to identify atomic changes notwithstanding when they happen just in a little level of cells. Nanotechnology additionally can possibly create totally novel and exceptionally successful helpful specialists.
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Track 9. Nano Pharmaceuticals:
Nanopharmaceuticals offer the capacity to recognize maladies at considerably prior stages and the analytic applications could expand upon ordinary methodology utilizing nanoparticles. Nanopharmaceuticals speak to a rising field where the sizes of the medication molecule or a restorative conveyance framework work at the nanoscale. In the pharmaceutical business, a long standing issue is the trouble of conveying the suitable measurements of a specific dynamic operator to particular infection site. Nanopharmaceuticals have gigantic potential in tending to this disappointment of conventional therapeutics which offers site-particular focusing of dynamic operators. Such accuracy focusing on by means of nanopharmaceuticals diminishes lethal fundamental symptoms, bringing about better patient consistence. Nanotechnology conference provides pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical professionals to share their views on the recent developments in this field.  
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Track 10. Nanotoxicity:
Nanotoxicology is the branch of nanotechnology dealing with the toxicity related to nanotechnology. Concentrates in creature models will distinguish the organs of enthusiasm, thus prompting recognizable proof of the best cell sorts for in vitro cytotoxicity concentrates to additionally improve our comprehension of how these cells molecularly react to the nanostructures. Toxicologic tests and the subsequent database would give data to material security information sheets for nanoparticles and a reason for hazard appraisal and administration. Nanotechnology conference not only focuses on the advantages of nanotechnology but it also makes aware about the adverse effect.
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Track 11. Recent Innovations:
Nanotechnology refers to the projected ability to construct items from the bottom up, using techniques and tools being developed today to make complete, high performance products. Nanotechnology having varied applications is considered as the future of science. It is why a numerous number of researches are being conducted in this field.
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It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the “International Conference on Nano Technology and Nano Engineering ” with theme “ Nanotechnology- The World Behind Innovation” is going to be held during July 16-18, 2018 at Paris, France. Nanotechnology 2018 conference gathers renowned scientists, physicians, surgeons, young researchers, industrial delegates and talented student communities in the field of Nanotechnology under a single roof where networking and global partnering happens for the acceleration of future research.
Scope and Importance of Nanotechnology:
The 2000s have seen the beginnings of the utilizations of nanotechnology in business items, albeit most applications are restricted to the mass utilization of latent nanomaterials. Cases incorporate titanium dioxide and zinc oxide nanoparticles in sunscreen, beautifying agents and some sustenance items; silver nanoparticles in nourishment bundling, attire, disinfectants and family unit machines, for example, Silver Nano; carbon nanotubes for recolor safe materials; and cerium oxide as a fuel catalyst.Nanotechnology is being utilized as a part of creating nations to help treat ailment and counteract medical problems. The umbrella term for this sort of nanotechnology is Nanomedicine. Nanotechnology is likewise being connected to or produced for application to an assortment of modern and decontamination forms. Cleansing and natural cleanup applications incorporate the desalination of water, water filtration, wastewater treatment, groundwater treatment, and other nanoremediation. In industry, applications may incorporate development materials, military merchandise, and nano-machining of nano-wires, nano-poles, few layers of graphene,etc. Additionally, as of late another field emerged from the foundation of Nanotechnology is called Nanobiotechnology. Nanobiotechnology is the science based, application-situated wilderness zone of research in the half breed train of Nanoscience and biotechnology with an equal commitment.
Why Paris:
Paris is the capital and most crowded city of France, with an area of 105 square kilometers and a 2015 populace of 2,229,62.  The Paris Region had a GDP of €649.6 billion (US $763.4 billion) in 2014, representing 30.4 percent of the GDP of France. According to official evaluations, in 2013-14 the Paris Region had the third-most elevated GDP on the planet and the biggest provincial GDP in the EU. Till today Paris is the one of the Europe's major centres of finance, commerce, fashion, science, and the arts.
With more than 5,300 researchers and 240 laboratories working in the nanosciences and nanotechnologies, French institutions are engaged in a great many nano-research projects in the broad fields of electronics, communications, materials, energy, biotechnologies, pharmacology, medicine, health, and the environment. Albert Fert shared the 2007 Nobel prize in physics with German Peter Grünberg for their independent discoveries of giant magnetoresistance and their contribution to the development of spintronics,which made possible the magnetic readers used in today’s computers. With the research infrastructure built since the 1990s, France is one of the leaders in basic research in the nanosciences. The country ranks second in Europe, after Germany, in the amount invested in nanoscience research, and fifth in the world in number of publications in the field.
Societies Associated with Nanotechnology Worldwide:
American Academy of Nanomedicine (AANM) 
American Association for the Advancement of Science 
American Chemical Society [ACS]
ASM International 
Canadian NanoBusiness Alliance (CNBA) 
European NanoBusiness Association (ENA) 
IEEE Nanotechnology Council
NanoBusiness Alliance
The Nanotechnology Institute of ASME International
The Royal Society
Universities Associated with Nanotechnology Worldwide:
The Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology, China
Purdue University, USA
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC), USA
University of Virginia, USA
University of Michigan, USA
Technical University Of Ostrava,  Czechia
Sapienza University Of Rome, Rome
Market Analysis:
The Global Nanotechnology Market is poised to grow at a CAGR of around 18.1% over the next decade to reach approximately $173.95 billion by 2025.
The worldwide nanotechnology and nanomaterials showcase is required to witness generous development over the figure time frame. The development might be credited to surging interest over a few businesses including aviation, car, hardware and semiconductors, restorative and life sciences, sensors, military and resistance, and item security and hostile to duplicating inferable from high attractive, optical, synergist, and electronic properties. Nanomaterials including carbon nanotubes, nanoclays, nanofibers, nanosilver, quantum specks, silicon oxide nanopowder, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and nanoporous materials as of now have built up business sectors, which are assessed to be altogether determined by request from applications in filtration, hardware, beauty care products, vitality, medication, chemicals, coatings, and impetuses. Likewise, scatterings and covering, merged materials, bio-therapeutic, and nano gadgets are a portion of the developing potential applications in the nanotechnology and nanomaterials showcase. 
The nanotechnology and nanomaterials showcase is balanced for development ascribing to fast innovative progressions combined with generation leaps forward as of late. Expanding interests in R&D combined with the rising requirement for vitality stockpiling may sling market extension throughout the following couple of years. Likewise, the market may likewise witness rising number of new participants alongside the expanding number of innovation permitting and joint advertising so as to accomplish speedier commercialization of new items. Expanding interest for restorative items combined with developing wellbeing concerns are required to move advertise request. Developing accessibility of various instruments and strategies including self-get together systems, covalent amalgamation, and handling used to orchestrate nanomaterials are additionally foreseen to drive the nanotechnology and nanomaterials showcase broadly finished the coming years. New strategies utilized for assembling designed nanostructures offer new roads for the nanotechnology and nanomaterials showcase for predominant PC demonstrating and reenactment. In any case, costly advancements combined with absence of gifted experts are assessed to hamper showcase improvement over the figure time frame. Likewise, directions from government and other administrative bodies, for example, FDA relating to the successful utilization of materials coordinating quality gauges may likewise posture test to the nanotechnology and nanomaterials advertise development. Further, potential natural and human wellbeing dangers may likewise challenge advertise extension fundamentally. Absence of research related with nanostructures may likewise hamper the nanotechnology and nanomaterials showcase development. 
North America is relied upon to hold greater part piece of the overall industry in the worldwide nanotechnology and nanomaterials advertise throughout the following seven years inferable from nearness of lion's share of nanotechnology organizations matched with high R&D ventures. Asia Pacific is evaluated to display high development over the figure time frame crediting to ideal government sponsorships combined with expanding interests in the nanotechnology and nanomaterials field in this locale.
Market Value:
The market was esteemed at USD 4,097.17 million out of 2015. The market is relied upon to achieve USD 11,252.76 million by 2020, at a CAGR of more than 22% amid the gauge time frame 2017-2022

The market has been divided in view of the end-client industry into Electronics, Health-mind, vitality and power, aviation, water filtration and some other real end-clients. The gadgets fragment is required to represent the most noteworthy offer in the market, representing around 30% of the worldwide piece of the overall industry. The aviation segment is relied upon to be the quickest developing division amid the estimate time frame, with the expanding utilization of nano-metals, polymer nano-composites and hostile to consumption coatings in the flying machine fabricate.

North America was the biggest market in 2015, trailed by Europe. This could be ascribed to the critical utilization of nanomaterials in medicinal and hardware industry in the locale. Great development of nanomaterials showcase was seen in Asia-Pacific amid the most recent five years because of government bolster, proceeded with mindfulness about ecological issues combined with the normal increment sought after for claim to fame materials.

Asia-Pacific is relied upon to be the quickest developing business sector for nanomaterials because of fast industrialization in the district and expanding interests in restorative and car ventures in the rising economies of China, India, South Korea and Singapore. Headway in science and innovation combined with developing interest from various end-utilize ventures in the locale have driven organizations to increase R&D in carbon nanomaterials, which thus is probably going to have positive effect on the worldwide market.

Future Prospects:
It is an exceedingly multidisciplinary field, drawing from fields, for example, connected material science, materials science, colloidal science, gadget material science, supramolecular science, and even mechanical and electrical designing. Much hypothesis exists in the matter of what new science and innovation may come about because of these lines of research. Nanotechnology can be viewed as an expansion of existing sciences into the nanoscale, or as a recasting of existing sciences utilizing a more current, more present day term. 
Cases of nanotechnology in present day utilize are the produce of polymers in view of atomic structure, and the outline of PC chip designs in light of surface science. In spite of the immense guarantee of various nanotechnologies, for example, quantum dabs and nanotubes, genuine business applications have primarily utilized the benefits of colloidal nanoparticles in mass shape, for example, suntan cream, beautifying agents, defensive coatings, and stain safe apparel.
Nanotechnology is a shiny new innovation that has quite recently started, it is a progressive science that will change all what we knew some time recently. The future that we were observing just in sci-fi motion pictures will soon be genuine. This new innovation will as a matter of first importance, keep us sound due to nanorobots that will repair each harm that we have in our body.Secondly it will give researchers the capacity to control the blend of iotas in a question and to transform it into a lighter, more grounded, and more sturdy protest than some time recently, just by utilizing carbon nanotubes that are known to be a hundred times more grounded than steel and notwithstanding that they are exceptionally adaptable. That will prompt the formation of articles that can change their structures and have numerous reasons as the Nokia Morph for instance which is a model that will soon be out available. Thirdly, Nanotechnology will give us a plentiful vitality since it will change vitality all the more adequately, for instance windmills which are known to be able to change twist vitality into electrical vitality, well new windmills that will utilize Nanotechnology will have lighter and more grounded cutting edges (utilizing carbon nanotubes) that will change significantly more vitality than some time recently. 
Nanotechnology covers a great deal of spaces today and will cover significantly more soon, it is endlessly enormous and will make a considerable measure of creations materialize like teleportation for instance which scintists are taking a shot at today.
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