Annual Global Experts meet on

Green Chemistry and Engineering

Tokyo, Japan   May 07-08, 2018

Laszlo T. Mika

Laszlo T. Mika

Head-Associate Professor
Budapest University of Technology and Economics


Laszlo T. Mika is head of Department of Chemical and Environmental Process Engineering and Laboratory of Catalysis and Biomass Conversion at Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He received his Ph.D at Eotvos University, Budapest, Hungary under supervision of Prof. Istvan T. Horvath. He has been involved in successful collaborative research with various institutes and academic research groups (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, City University of Hong Kong, EPFL Lausanne, MOL etc.) His research interest focuses on green chemistry including homogeneous catalysis, application of environmental benign reaction media and selective biomass conversion including production of C5-platfrom chemicals such as levulinic acid and gamma-valerolactone and its derivatives from various biomass resources and biomass-based waste streams. The chemical engineering aspects (separation issues and its modelling) of biomass conversion is also a part of his research activities.

Research Interest

Green Chemistry,catalyst design and developments biomass conversion,environmentally benign solvents

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