3D PC Tech

Host a community of 3D Printing makers enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, Supporting members in the use and selection of 3D printers by publishing current news and reviews. Grow our educational entity hosting 3D Printing Club for Teachers and Schools around the world. Blend our 3D Print Laser and Milling entity into the mix with the club, Do the very best we can for our members and clients.


VenueDir is a leading directory for major venues around the world with a search by location, size of venue or type of event conference, seminar, exhibition and others. In VenueDir you can find the services provided by the venue, including, food and beverages, accomodation,onsite parking, on-site support, audio and video and more, Venuedir provides an option to submit a request for proposal RFP to all suitable venues.

Placid Way

Placid Way is a global business network which allows companies to expand their businesses elsewhere in the world by providing them with access to health-care providers and consumers from around the world.


Clocate is a leading international directory for worldwide conferences and exhibitions. Clocate is equipped with a unique and comprehensive search that helps you find easily any event in any category or location. Each event includes detailed information, description, dates, location, map, prices, link to the official events

3D Graphy

3D GRAPHY is a platform for training, education & Service. And 3D GRAPHY LAB is a set up instituted for Medical Hospital, Dental Hospitals, Medical Colleges, Dental Colleges, Private medical institutions offering a one-stop solutions in Imaging, Design, Scanning, 3D printing, Training & Services. The set up will benefit the Dental, Maxillofacial, Craniofacial, Orthopedic, Plastic Surgery, Prosthetics, Bioprinting, research, medical devices and other clinical requirements across specialisations.

Trinity Media & Marketing Solutions

Trinity Media & Marketing Solutions (TMMS) is a Media & Marketing company as a consortium started in the year 2013 offering consultancy, Affiliate Marketing services, Media solutions, IP’s, Concepts with publication and events. We are a CRISIL rated agency. We identify new emerging technologies to proliferate it to a large audience through various media platforms designed through our media expertise. We also promote Contractual Sales & Promotions for tangible/intangible (concepts) products, new technologies, PR, Media tie-ups, B2B/ B2C Exhibitions, Conferences, Digital media and Intellectual Property.