Crowd Reviews is a transparent online platform for determining which products and services are the best based on the opinion of the crowd. The crowd consists of Internet users which have experienced products and services first-hand and have an interest in letting other potential buyers their thoughts on their experience. is driven by an algorithm allowing for both customers and providers of products and services to understand how the rankings are determined. The service can be used by potential buyers to learn more about their vendors prior to making a purchasing decision.

Kind Congress

The Kind Congress provides: Registration of conferences and congresses. Registering to participate in the conferences and congresses. Registering as a speaker in your own field of study or inviting other speakers. Evaluation and ranking the conferences and congresses. One of the effective factors in the scientific developments is specialized scientific conferences. The important part of conferences and conference centers is in achieving the latest research findings and observing scientific activities in different fields. Generally, scientific conferences give young researchers an opportunity to acquaint them with basic scientific subjects and represent reports of the current scientific research and activities to the scientific community of every country. It can be useful to shape and advance the structure of the scientific world. The Kind Congress Conference Center was initiated in the late 2016s with the purpose of covering the most reliable scientific conferences, seminars, and congresses. The KindCongress website has been implemented to give quick access to users to every conference. Conferences and information displayed on this center will be displayed individually and independently on this website so that people who want to search for the conferences to present articles or participate in them can easily use its services. To register your conference on this conference center, you can use Register Your Congress. is the base of the international business-to-business "" websites. We serve millions of buyers and suppliers around the world. Instead of having one large directory of companies in all kind of industries, we have chosen to have one specialized website per industry as a meeting place for companies active in that kind of industry.

Innovation Leadership Forum

Wanting to understand has always been a main driver for Bettina. After completing her MBA in 1992 this passion was channeled into the field of innovation, deepened further when she returned to London Busines School to do her PhD titled: Understanding the effects of context and complexity in new product development (1994-1998). Ever since initially being infected with the innovation bug Bettina has shared her passion for innovation throughout the world in a variety of ways: Speaking at conferences and corporate events Designing and delivering workshops and other events around the topic of innovation Teaching on post graduate courses and executive programms Advising individuals and teams who are responsible for improving their organisation innovation performance Topics she covers include Understanding Innovation, Innovation & Creativity, Innovation Leadership & Leadership for Innovation, Collaborating for Innovation, Innovation & Sustainability, Women, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, and Thriving in the 21st Century

The Foundation For The Development of Africa

The Foundation for the Development of Africa (FDA) (NPC) is a non-membership, private, (NPC) Not-for-profit Company actively involved with initiating and facilitating business and other processes conducive to sustainable development in Africa - with the emphasis on sustainability! We have, since 1999, been linking businesses; promoting business and investment opportunities; showcasing special projects, conferences and events; stimulating joint venture initiatives and motivating support for local trading.

World Conference Alerts

World conference alerts, is basically an online platform where you can get the details about the conferences, seminars, workshops and other related events. These are the events where the best minds can share knowledge and their research outcomes and help the modern world to get the maximum utilization of knowledge. World conference alerts also invites organizers of events related to various fields across the world to get their events registered in this website. The World conference alerts is making its mark in the world of researchers and analyst, inventors and inventions, science and education ,business and economics, health and medicine and many more by providing details of related events, seminars and conferences.These are the events basically based on knowledge exchange and research sharing concepts.


IN-PERSON SUCCESS Organizing a great meeting has a set of tough challenges! How do you motivate participants to attend, welcome them, personalize and structure their live interactions? How do you deliver forceful presentations, that engage the collective and emotional intelligence of the audience? With 15 years of international experience in the field, we have learned how to make the presence of every person count. We turn meetings into a memorable and impactful experience. From planning to presenting, Evenium technology augments your talents, to achieve your business objectives with ease and success.

Best Craigslists

It is a common internet practice to put links in the website. These links can be to any other website or to an allied website of the same publisher. Whatever be the case the privacy policy of data ends once you navigate out of the website and so it is stressed here to read each privacy policy of the new websites before venturing any personal information to them. This website does not have any responsibility towards your information furnished with any other website. The privacy policy so described here covers only this website.

Brandeis Events

Brandeis EVENTS is the university central, comprehensive events calendar. The calendar informs and connects the campus community on the wide array of events offered at Brandeis.


We help our customers to find and access the latest trends, research and information from conferences around the world by providing content from past events but also a list of upcoming events. Conferensum was created for making it easy to access information from past conferences and make you feel as if you had been at that conference. Products in our library can be downloaded or send via email and in some cases by courier. Our list of upcoming events (conferences, trade fairs, seminars etc) worldwide can be posted and consulted free of charge. If you are a conference organizer and would like to have your documentation (presentations, audio, video) included in our service please contact us.


With a wide database of conferences around the world, allows you to search for international conferences and add your own events. Our service is intended to inform the community of relevant events and assist organizers, providing convenience for both interested participants and the people and organizations behind the events. Our directory features a unique search allowing you to easily find conferences and events in any category or location, with detailed information including description, dates, map, prices, link to the official website, and more.

Paper Crowd

PaperCrowd is a free, community-driven, directory of academic conferences. Organisers use PaperCrowd to find new researchers for their event. Researchers use PaperCrowd to find new conferences they wish to attend.

Eco Business

Eco-Business is the leading digital media company serving Asia Pacific clean technology, smart cities, responsible business and sustainable development community. Our platforms and services include the award-winning site, custom publications, market research and whitepapers, multimedia production, consultancy, training and high-impact bespoke events catered to deepen discussions on sustainability. We are headquartered in Singapore, with offices in Sydney, Manila, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong.

The Connection

he Connection is a feature documentary and blog about integrating the latest science in mind body medicine into our everyday lives.

Arts Boston

ArtsBoston is a leading force behind Greater Boston arts and cultural sector. In support of our 175 member organizations, we provide vital research and audience building programs that encourage participation in arts and culture, stimulate demand and raise attendance. We influence public policy and local investment by demonstrating to civic leaders and private industry the sectors positive economic and social impact. By making this mission a daily goal, we ensure the very future of the arts and cultural sector as a core driver of our community and quality of life.

Event Advisor

We believe that no one can evaluate events better than actual attendees. Those who have been there. Those who have seen it. Those who have experienced it. We believe that events that are truly worth your time should really be in the spotlight.


We once realized how difficult it is to find something to do for an evening or a weekend that is different from what we usually do AND that interests us AND that is open at the moment when we are available. The problem occurs in the city where we live as well as in any unknown area. The awesome Mapado team is humbly trying to solve this problem by building on three major pillars: exhaustivity, customization and user interface.

Export Hub

ExportHub is an international B2B marketplace brand formed by a group of B2b & Internet marketing experts, who have spent their lifetime in pursuit of technology projects. People at ExportHub have prior internet marketing experience and are thorough with industry related knowledge. Combining our strong B2B experience, technology expertise and profound knowledge of current industry trends, ExportHub offers innovative solutions to your business problems. Unlike other B2B, ExportHub offers guaranteed result oriented services that differentiate us from the other B2B & Internet marketing industry. Over the last decade, ways to do business has changed multi-folds. To unleash your maximum business potential, we offer high-tech B2B and full-scale digital services.


SpinGo was born out of the frustrations that event makers have when creating, managing, and promoting their events. We saw the need to simplify the entire event process and unify event management into a single platform. SpinGo develops tools and services that help event makers host the most successful events possible.

Our Glocal

Ourglocal is a free academic conference publishing system to share research events among researchers.What Ourglocal Helps You to Do freely You may add your event information on Ourglocal freely. You may subscribe your mail and get latest event information related to your researching field. Your event information may be sent to related researchers freely. What Ourglocal Helps You to Do freely You may add your event information on Ourglocal freely. You may subscribe your mail and get latest event information related to your researching field. Your event information may be sent to related researchers freely.

Research Bible

Research Bible Network offers Banners and Sponsored Links in leading, high impact factor, and multiply indexed research resources website. Choose to brand your products by site or increase your reach across multiple specialty content sites via one of our ResearchBib Specialty e-Channels. For information about how to increase your branding online and drive targeted specialists to your valued content, contact the ResearchBib Ad Sales Representative in your desired specialty from the list below.

EUCC - The Coastal Union Germany eV

EUCC - The Coastal Union Germany (EUCC-D) has the objective to strengthen Baltic activities within the field of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) by bridging the gap between coastal science and practice. EUCC-D provides relevant information, consults and educates coastal practitioners, hosts workshops and conferences and runs demonstration projects.


Eventbrite is a global platform for live experiences that allows anyone to create, share, find and attend events that fuel their passions and enrich their lives. From music festivals, marathons, conferences, community rallies, and fundraisers, to gaming competitions and air guitar contests. Our mission is to bring the world together through live experiences.


Eventzilla lets you sell tickets online and manage attendees from one integrated application. No downloads, set up fees, or monthly fees. Give Eventzilla a try today or lower your event registration costs and improve your ticket sales. Perfect for Conferences, Fundraisers, Classes, Festivals, Parties, Concerts, Sports, Networking and more.


Evvnt is a digital marketing tool that allows you to promote your event quickly and efficiently to multiple listing sites. We empower people, event organisers and venues with our technology to give you a platform to promote your event via local and targeted publishers from one submission. From a single event submission we scan our network of 3,500+ of sites for targeted and local sites relevant to your event.


Skiddle is a primary ticket outlet and events guide based in Preston dealing with event bookings, registrations, promotion and online ticket sales. The company has a turnover in excess of 15 EUR million and over 45 employees.

Conference Alerts is India no.1 free online platform, a place where people can stay informed about the upcoming International and national Conferences and related services. Currently we have over 5 million listings and have generated over 50 million replies and enquires . Our nonprofit efforts are being recognized by many people over the years. We have been fortunate to have some of the world’s best renowned conference Organizing partners with us on our journey. We cover all academics and research Conferences related to Engineering, Technology, General Science, Medical Science, and Business Management. Being one of the Best Conference alert portals we emphasize the best quality conferences by the best conference organizers and allow them to list the upcoming conferences in India. Start searching a conference and participate in the most easy way on

Free Conference Alerts

It will help you to find the most appropriate International/National conference and workshops by knowing your requirements like place ,date, topic last date of registration etc.

Conference Alert

Welcome to the leading information hub of conferences in India. Find complete details on every upcoming conference in India. This website is the ultimate platform for students, scholars, researchers, professionals and many other groups. It nurtures the information required by the people those are interested to be a part of conferences and seminars. Users are free to access this website anytime, anywhere. Here, you can get information on all sorts of conferences scheduled to be held in India in 2016 and next years.

All Conference Alert

It will help you to find the most appropriate International/National conference and workshops by knowing your requirements like place ,date, topic last date of registration etc. You need to provide your Event details like, Date ,Place, Deadline for paper submission, Type of event, event online URL, Contact person etc.

Conference Alert

We help promoters to promote their events by targeting the most relevant audience. The promoter also has option to choose from a number of promotion options provided by our website. Learn about our promotion options. We allow an individual to open and operate both organizer and subscriber accounts at a time. But he has to use the organizer account to promote upcoming conferences or workshop, whereas the subscriber account will enable him to receive conference alert. We will send email alerts to inform you about upcoming conferences and workshops based on your requirements like date, place, topic, and date of last registration. Alternately, you can use the search option on your home page to find relevant conferences and workshops

Conference Alert

All these events will appear in website within 48 hours from the completion time of the event. After successful completion of the event, our website will send an automatic email to his registered email id and must click the appropriate link to activate the registration. Our website allows the organizers to edit the listed events for more relevant information to their subscribers. Organizer can make changes their listed event after entering into the organizer dashboard.

Conference Alerts

All research fields are influenced by the valuable information provided by the conference alerts. Moreover, these alerts prove to be beneficial for all groups of people such as academicians, students, researchers, analysts, etc. and assist them to increase their effectiveness in their fields. Behind all these, the Internet is the master and is subjected to be responsible for all the improvement in the world including the popularity of Conference alerts 2016 .


The National Biomass Association (BGBIOM Bulgaria) was created in the autumn of 1998. In October same year BGBIOM became member of European Biomass Association (AEBIOM). The aim of NBA is to propagate the growth of different plants for non-food use. NBA aims also to co-ordinate and facilitate the research and development works in the fields of biomass resources, biofuel production technologies, biofuel market in the transport, heat and energy sector, as well as in the field of biomass non-energy products. NBA plans to realise these aims by taking part in different EU programs. In 1998 year NBA-Bulgaria was involved in the project. Lets give floor to the farmers in the frame of ALTENER program as subcontractor of AEBIOM.

The CLRA/ACRSD provides its members with up-to-date technical information through the publication of its newsletters, the magazine Canadian Reclamation and proceedings of its annual conferences. These publications allow the organization to have an informal, instructional role in the decision-making processes of reclamation/rehabilitation projects and to act as a forum for the dissemination of ideas and information pertinent to reclamation activities.

International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE) is an international non-profit society of professionals interested in energy economics. IAEE was founded in 1977, in the period of the energy crisis, when it became obvious that lack of knowledge on energy economics is one of the problems when dealing with the short- and long-term issues of energy supply and demand. IAEE is incorporated under United States laws and has headquarters in Cleveland. IAEE has over 4,500 members worldwide (in over 100 countries). There are over 25 national chapters, in countries where membership exceeds 25 individual members.