Call for Abstract


November 25-26, 2019


Singapore City, Singapore

Scientfic Sessions:

Advances in Soil Science provides a congress for leading scientists to analyze and summarize the available scientific information on a subject, assessing its importance and identifying additional research needs. Soil Science Meeting discusses the latest research innovations and important developments in this field and presents clear and precise reviews in all areas of soil science for everyone interested in this basic resource.

Plant Science Conference inviting prudent talks on innovation in plant and agriculture sciences. Plant Science and Agriculture contributing to greater understanding and awareness of research and studies in the areas of plant genetics, plant physiology, meteorology, and soil science. Agriculture concerns techniques, including the application of agronomic research.

Soil fertility and plant nutrition is an applied science that integrates knowledge across all disciplines of soil and plant sciences to effectively and efficiently provide nutrients to plants. Efficient use of nutrients is required not only to maximize agricultural production but also to protect air, soil, and water quality. Soil Science Meeting inviting prudent talks on soil fertility and plant nutrition Fertilizers are any materials added to soils or plant leaves to supply nutrients. There are various natural and synthesized materials used as fertilizers. Composts, farmyard manures, poultry manure.

Involve of microbial inoculants to suppress a single type or class of plant diseases. Or this may involve managing soils to promote the combined activities of native soil and plant-associated organisms that contribute to general suppression. The mechanisms of action of microbial bio control agents against plant pathogens include direct antibiosis. Soil Science Event inviting prudent talks on soil microbiology, health and bio control.

Environmental Soil Chemistry illustrates fundamental principles of soil chemistry with respect to environmental reactions between soils and other natural materials and heavy metals, pesticides, industrial contaminants, acid rain, and salts. Soil Science Meeting inviting prudent talks on soil chemistry and  Biotechnology Soil biotechnology approach for wastewater treatment and recycling are carried out considering its technical, environmental and economic aspects.

Soil erosion is a naturally occurring process that affects all landforms Water Erosion and Surface Water Runoff. One of the main causes of soil erosion is water erosion, which is the loss of top soil due to water. Soil management is important, both directly and indirectly for crop productivity and environmental sustainability. Soil Science Conference inviting prudent talks on soil erosion and soil management.

Soil Morphological properties means physical and chemical soil properties. Soil Science Event inviting prudent talks on soil geology, morphology and Soil management . Soil Geology refers to a site characterization, the horizon depth intervals, horizon boundary characteristics, colour, texture, structure, consistence, roots and pores, pH, and effervescence; and special descriptions of special features for each horizon. Soil management is the application of practices and treatments to protect soil and enhance its performance. It includes soil conservation, soil amendment, and optimal soil health.

Plant breeding is a method of altering the genetic pattern of plants to increase their value and utility for human welfare. It is a purposeful manipulation of plants to create desired plant types that are better suited for cultivation, give better yield and are disease resistant. Plant breeding is done for the following objectives.

Process of plant breeding technique

Collection of Variability
Evaluation and Selection of Parents
Selection and Testing of Superior Recombinants
Testing Release and Commercialization of  New Cultivars


  • Increase the crop yield
  • Improve the quality of the crop
  • Increase tolerance to environmental conditions like salinity. Extreme temperatures and drought
  • Develop a resistance to pathogens


Nature Geoscience covers all aspects of the Earth sciences, including theoretical research, modeling, and field work. Soil Science Gathering inviting prudent talks on Geo sciences offers an understanding of the evolution of our planet and its interacting global systems. Geoscience includes the study of the atmosphere, biosphere, cryosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, and Pedosphere.

Soil formation is a complicated natural process of soil origination from mountain rock under effects of the soil-forming factors in natural or anthropogenic ecosystems of the Earth. Soil Science Event inviting prudent talks Geo statistics, is a branch of statistics focusing on spatial or spatiotemporal datasets. Developed originally to predict probability distributions of ore grades for mining operations. Cartography is practice of drawing maps.