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April 27, 2021 at 12:00 PM GMT  
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Webinar on Sustainable Materials will be hosted on March 18th, 2021 at 12:00 PM GST.Sustainable Materials  which is focuses around the exploration works that emphasize the most recent technology developments.  This meeting unites the advancements in materials and brings the key supposition pioneers and thought pioneers in the field from around the globe for two escalated long stretches of logical introductions, organizing just as commitment with organizations creating developments in instruments and innovations in this space. It features the various different material science orders to develop innovative methodologies with an advancement execution in improving the sustainability of various advanced materials. These new materials, which are coordinated with the climate, produce sustainable power sources, look after themselves, limit energy utilization as well as boost the use of natural light. The contribution of smart materials in engineering gives the chance of planning brilliant structures with lightweight structures and new structure components that respond to ecological conditions. 

  Session-1: New Technologies and Product

Green technology makes structures more energy-productive and sustainable. In this manner have a lower carbon impression and a diminished effect on the climate. In new structures, green structure development assumes a function in each period of development. Each part of the structure, including siting, plan, development materials, and the frameworks used to run and keep up activities are picked to be as maintainable and energy-proficient as could be expected under the circumstances

Session-2: Smart bio-materials

Smart biomaterials and constructs refer to biomaterials and builds that possess inductive or setting off impacts on cells and tissues by designing the material's responsiveness to inside or outside stimuli or have intelligently custom-made properties and capacities that promote tissue repair and regeneration.

Session-3: Eco-friendly and sustainable materials

 Numerous eco-friendly structure materials have developed in the commercial centre to reduce the natural effect of building development and operation. In any case, recognizing the world's most eco-friendly structure materials can be bit tricky because different people have different definitions of sustainability.

Session-4: Sustainability of Materials Process

Sustainable advancement is a globally recognized order and it includes green or environment-friendly manufacturing practices. Such practices organize with oneself recuperating and self-renewing ability of regular biological systems. Green assembling includes union, preparing, creation, and cycle streamlining, yet additionally testing, execution assessment and reliability.

Session-5: Dynamic behaviour of material

Dynamic behaviour of material properties, basic reaction, advanced testing technique and diagnostics, as well as hybrid experimental strategies under a variety of loading conditions from low-speed effects on impact, entrance, shock reaction, and other extreme environment.Under dynamic loading conditions, the inertial impacts come to assume a significant function in the deformation behaviour of the material. Numerous materials show strain rate affectability at higher strain rates, i.e., stream pressure reliance on strain rates.


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