Global Experts Meeting on

Infectious Diseases

Tokyo,Japan   August 13-14,2018

Dr.Li Jintao

Dr.Li Jintao

Third Military Medical University(TMMU)


Jintao Li, female, Professor, Director and Principle Investigator, Institute of Tropical Medicine, Third Military Medical University(TMMU). She got her master degree in molecular biology from Biotechnology Centre, Southwest University in 1996 and then became a faculty in Genetics Department, TMMU and got her Ph.D degree in Immunology Institute, PLA, TMMU in 2000 and became associate professor and then professor later since then till to 2013. From 2011-2012, she worked in Canada as a visiting scientist for one year. Now she has published more than 100 academic papers such as Science Translational Medicine, J.I, E.J.I, etc. and got 5 items of awards. Awards and group menberships 2010 Chongqing Natural Science Prize “Antigen immune response regulation” 2009 First class of Chinese medical award “Antigen protein antigenic properties and Engineering Research” 2005 Chongqing natural science prize “Relationship with the immune response to a protein antigen characteristic” 2003 Excellent graduate doctor in TMMU 1993~1996 University first grade Scholarship 1989~1993 University second grade Scholarship

Research Interest

Tropical Pathogens and Epidemiology, Immunology, Biotechnology & Molecular Biology

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