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Meetings International aims to conduct conferences on Cardiology at the global level with aim to provide in-depth knowledge and focus on recent advances in key areas of cardiology, and a balanced perspective on how these influence patient management and existing set guidelines.

Meetings International Cardiology Conferences will bring the researchers and associations together.

These conferences cover topics such as Imaging (i.e. CT, MRI, and echocardiography) intervention, acute coronary syndromes, valvular heart disease, arrhythmias and pacing, as well as prevention, and heart failure. It is a unique platform for cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and researchers from world-renowned institutions to share and exchange new clinical studies and advancements in dealing with cardiac diseases. These Cardiology conferences help in framework organization, B2B teaming up amidst specialists and academicians.

Meetings International Cardiology  Conferences is designed to organize International Conferences in upcoming years, across Asia Pacific (China, India, Malaysia, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Taiwan and, South Korea), Middle East (Dubai) and  focuses on research works from renowned scientists and sharing of knowledge through Scientific Events. Meetings International is also actively engaged in organizing Workshops and Symposia for promoting and enlighten the scientific community with latest advances.

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Why To Participate:

Who To Attend?

The target audience to our cardiology conferences is professionals across all fields related to cardiology and allied groups globally. This includes but is not limited to interventional cardiologists, clinical cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons, radiologists, basic scientists, vascular medicine specialists, nurses, cath lab technicians, and other health care professionals with a special interest in the field of interventional and vascular medicine.

Market Analysis:

Cardiology Surgery Research Market Value:

Cardiac surgery is on the rise worldwide, includes, Arrhythmia Treatment, Heart Valve Repair or Replacement, Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting, Aneurysm Repair, Trans myocardial Laser Revascularization, Surgery to Place Ventricular Assist Devices and heart transplant.

U.S is a huge market with 46% Cardiovascular Surgery devices of the global share. The global cardiology surgical & interventional cardiology devices market is expected to grow at the CAGR of 8%, and will contributes $83128.34 billion till 2022. The major rise in the global cardiology surgical & interventional cardiology devices market is due to the increased prevalence of life style oriented diseases among the aging population. The global cardiology surgical & interventional cardiology devices market is divided into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Rest of the World. Among all, North America is the leader of the market having 46%of market shares, followed by Europe. North America is dominating country due to high prevalence of cardiovascular diseases & various technological advancements. Europe is the second major shareholder with 27% of market share in global cardiology surgical & interventional cardiology devices market. Asia pacific is the fastest growing market in this field due to increasing population & rapid development process. India & China are the major contributors in APAC region & are expected to fuel this market further.