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Upcoming Toronto Conferences & Webinars

Toronto, the capital of the province of Ontario, is a major Canadian city along Lake Ontario’s north-western shore. It's a dynamic metropolis with a core of soaring skyscrapers, all dwarfed by the iconic, free-standing CN Tower. Toronto also has many green spaces, from the orderly oval of Queen’s Park to 400-acre High Park and its trails, sports facilities and zoo. Toronto is located on the shore plain beside its harbour. There is a fairly abrupt rise 4 km inland which marks the shoreline of Lake Iroquois, a lake formed by glaciers 12,500 years ago that had a much higher water level than Lake Ontario. French fur traders had known about the Toronto Passage since the early 1600s, and in 1720 they built a small store on the Humber River. This post failed financially and was abandoned in 1730. In 1750 the French built another small trading post. Fort Rouille (or Fort Toronto), located in Toronto’s present-day Exhibition Grounds, was burned in 1759 by its French garrison during a retreat from British forces. Toronto’s economy has gone through the stages of commercial lake port, railway and industrial hub, financial nexus, and high-level service and information centre. At present its port and commercial functions remain important, though relatively less so, apart from heavy retail activity. Its railway role persists, but has been modified by air and automotive transport. 

Toronto is the capital city of the province of Ontario in Canada. Toronto is the largest population centre in Ontario by population over 5 million. It is situated on the north-west shore of Lake Ontario. There are more people reside in the regions around it. Toronto area is the great metropolitan area in Canada. Toronto also has many green spaces, the oval of Queen’s Park is 400-acre High Park with consist of trails, sports facilities and zoo. Toronto is a dynamic county town with a core of soaring skyscrapers, and free-standing CN Tower. Toronto is a popular destination for tourists. Toronto’s motto is “Diversity Our Strength. Toronto has North America’s third largest concentration of private companies. This city is a global finance, commerce as well as transportation hub. It has always been ranked highly in the fields of life expectancy, personal safety, healthcare; education etc. Toronto has some great sightseeing spots such as; CN Tower, Royal Ontario Museum, Art Gallery Of Ontario, Nigra Fall, Ontario Science Centre, Toronto zoo and Canada’s Wonderland, Toronto Island’s, Fabulous shopping in Toronto.

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Upcoming Toronto Conferences & Webinars

Previous Toronto Conferences & Webinars

Conference Title Conference Name Venue Dates
4th Webinar on Microbiology Microbiology Webinar 2022 Toronto, Canada January 18, 2022
Webinar on Recycling & Waste Management Recycling & Waste Management 2021 Toronto, Singapore December 27, 2021
3rd Webinar on Microbiology Microbiology Toronto, USA December 27, 2021
International Conference on Clinical Research clinical research-2021 Toronto, Japan November 17-18, 2021
drugdelivery drugdelivery Toronto, Canada September 27-28, 2021
Webinar on Cancer Therapy Cancer Therapy 2021 Toronto, Canada August 25, 2021
Webinar on Pharma-Biotechnology Pharma-biotech Toronto, Canada August 24, 2021
International Conference on Clinical Microbiology Clinical-Microbio-2021 Toronto, Canada June 21-22, 2021
Webinar on Otolaryngology Otolaryngology-2021 Toronto, Canada May 15, 2021
International Webinar on Advanced Dentistry and Dental Science Advanced Dentistry-2020 Toronto, Canada August 29, 2020
Webinar on World Psychiatrists and Psychologists Conference Psychiatry 2020 Toronto, Canada August 28, 2020
Webinar on Earth and Planetary Science Earth Science 2020 Toronto, Canada July 22, 2020
Dementia & Dementia Care Webinar 2020 Dementia 2020 Toronto, Canada July 20, 2020
Webinar on Diabetes and Metabolism Diabetes Metabolism 2020 Toronto, Canada May 18, 2020
Webinar on Diet & Nutrition Diet & Nutrition 2020 Toronto, Canada May 18, 2020
Nursing Research and Evidence Based Practice Webinar Nursing Research 2020 Singapore City, Singapore April 17, 2020
3rd International Congress on Digital Pathology Digital Pathology 2019 Toronto, Canada August 26-27, 2019
5th International Conference on Cancer Therapy Cancer Therapy 2019 Toronto, Canada August 26-27, 2019
5th World Congress on Environmental Science Environmental Science 2019 Toronto, Canada August 19-20, 2019
2nd International Conference on Epidemiology Epidemiology 2019 Toronto, Canada August 19-20, 2019
7th Global Summit on Registered Nurses & Emergency Nursing Registered Nursing 2019 Toronto, Canada August 19-20, 2019
3rd International Conference on Earth Science & Climate Change Earthscience 2019 Toronto, Canada April 15-16, 2019
2nd International Conference on Dementia and Dementia Care Dementia 2019 Toronto, Canada April 15-16, 2019
Annual Congress on Neuroscience & Therapeutics Neuroscience 2018 Toronto, Canada October 16,17 2019
World Drug Delivery and Novel Therapy Summit Drug Delivery 2018 Toronto, Canada October 25-26, 2018
International Conference on Case Reports Case Reports 2018 Rome | Italy October 25-27, 2018
International Conference on Food Processing and Technology Food Technology 2018 Toronto, Canada June 25-26, 2018
International Conference on Diabetes and Healthcare Diabetes 2018 Toronto | Canada June 25-26, 2018