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Trade thoughts and system with driving diabetologists, endocrinologists, diabetes analysts, clinicians scientists, endocrinology experts and specialists from more than 40 nations Examine quality activities that can be connected in the training Examine approaches to team up in setting up quality activities all through the diabetes study and endocrinology and diabetes issue and treatment Members can increase guide access to a center group of onlookers of experts and leaders and can build perceivability through marking and systems administration at the meeting Learn and talk about key news and difficulties with senior speakers. With introductions, board exchanges, roundtable talks, and workshops. we cover each subject start to finish, from worldwide large scale issues to techniques to strategic issues.

Global Business/Research

The commonness of diabetes for all age-bunches worldwide was evaluated to be 2.8% out of 2000 and 4.4% out of 2030. The aggregate number of individuals with diabetes is anticipated to ascend from 171 million of every 2000 to 366 million of every 2030. The predominance of diabetes is higher in men than ladies, however there are a larger number of ladies with diabetes than men. The urban populace in creating nations is anticipated to twofold in the vicinity of 2000 and 2030. The most critical statistic change to diabetes pervasiveness over the world has all the earmarks of being the expansion in the extent of individuals >65 years old. These discoveries show that the "diabetes scourge" will proceed regardless of the possibility that levels of stoutness stay consistent. Given the expanding predominance of weight, it is likely that these figures give a think little of future diabetes commonness.

The quantity of individuals with diabetes has ascended from 108 million out of 1980 to 422 million of every 2014. The worldwide pervasiveness of diabetes* among grown-ups more than 18 years old has ascended from 4.7% out of 1980 to 8.5% of every 2014. In 2012, an expected 1.5 million passings were specifically caused by diabetes and another 2.2 million passings were owing to high blood glucose. Half of all passings owing to high blood glucose happen before the age of 70 years1. WHO extends that diabetes will be the seventh driving reason for death in 2030.

Diabetic Complications 2018 will highlight the most recent advancements in explore, diagonosis and avoidance and administration of diabetes, new insulin analogs and new innovations and gadgets for diabetic counteractive action, and for treating stoutness and some more. Not exclusively will this creative gathering upgrade your handy and hypothetical learning, it will give you the novel chance to coordinate with an extensive variety of experts in the field of diabetes advancements and medications

Global Universities

Asia Pacific Region:

·         The University of Tokyo-Japan

·         National University of Singapore (NUS)-Singapore

·         Kyoto University-Japan

·         University of Hong Kong (HKU)-Hong Kong

·         Peking University- China

·         Seoul National University (SNU)- South Korea

·         National Taiwan University (NTU)- Taiwan

·         Osaka University- Japan

·         Nanyang Technological University (NTU)- Singapore

·         Sungkyunkwan University- South Korea

·         Universiti Malaya (UM)- Malaysia

·         Indian Institute of Science- India

·         Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)- Malaysia

·         University of Indonesia- Indonesia

·         Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB)- India


Middle East Region:

·         Arabian Gulf University- Bahrain

·         Faculty of Medicine Zagazig University- Egypt

·         Benha Faculty of Medicine, Benha University- Egypt

·         Fayoum Faculty of Medicine- Egypt

·         Bushehr University of Medical Sciences- Iran

·         Dezful University of Medical Sciences- Iran

·         Fasa Faculty of Medical Sciences- Iran

·         University of kerabala / college of medicine- Iraq

·         University of Duhok / College of Medicine- Iraq

·         Thi Qar University / College of Medicine- Iraq

·         Minia Medical School- Egypt

·         Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland - Bahrain

·         Fatemiye University of Medical Sciences- Iran

·         Assiut Faculty of Medicine- Egypt

·         Suez Canal Faculty of Medicine- Egypt

Europe region:

·         LMU Munich- Germany

·         Technical University of Munich- Germany

·         KU Leuven – University of Leuven- Belgium

·         University of Amsterdam- Netherlands

·         Humboldt University of Berlin- Germany

·         Leiden University- Netherlands

·         Utrecht University- Netherlands

·         Erasmus University Rotterdam- Netherlands

·         RWTH Aachen University- Germany

·         University of Groningen- Netherlands

·         The University of Edinburgh- UK

·         University of Copenhagen- Denmark

·         University of Barcelona- Spain

·         University of Helsinki- Finland

America Region:

·         University of Alabama School of Medicine - Albama

·         Mayo Medical School

·         University of Arizona College of Medicine – Arizona

·         University of Arizona College of Medicine – Arizona

·         University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences/UAMS College of Medicine

·         California Northstate University College of Medicine- California

·         Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science- California

·         Keck School of Medicine of University of Southern California- California

·         Loma Linda University School of Medicine- California

·         Stanford University School of Medicine- California

·         University of California, Davis School of Medicine- California

·         David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

·         George Washington University Medical School- Washington

·         Florida International University Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine- Florida

·         University of Florida College of Medicine- Florida

Global Research Centres 

Asia Pacific Region:

·         Dubai Diabetes Center

·         Diabetes Research Center

·         Imperial College London Diabetes Center

·         RAK Diabetes Center

·         Austin Medical Research Foundation

·         Australian Regenerative Medicine. Institute

·         Hong Kong Institute of Diabetes and Obesity

·         Korea University Medical Center


Middle East Region:

·         Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center

·         Sheba Medical Center

Europe Region:

·         Diabetes Research Centre — University of Leicester, UK

·         Dundee Diabetes Research Centre, UK

·         Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism, UK

·         Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International, UK

·         Diabetes Action - Research & Education Foundation, UK

·         NIHR Imperial Biomedical Research Centre, UK

·         EURADIA, Germany

·         University of Lausanne, Switzerland


America Region:

·         Joslin Diabetes Center, USA

·         Diabetes Research Institute Foundation, USA

·         UCSF Diabetes Center, USA

·         Mayo Clinic, USA

·         Vanderbilt Diabetes Center, USA

·         John Hopkins Diabetes Research Center, USA

·         University of Washington Medical Center, USA

·         Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, USA



Global Medicals/Hospitals

Asia Pacific Region:

·         Prince Court Medical Centre

·         Fortis Hospital

·         Bumrungrad International Hospital

·         Bangkok Hospital Medical Center

·         Gleneagles Hospital

·         Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation

·         Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital

·         Asan Medical Center

·         St. Luke’s Medical Center

·         ID Hospital

Middle East Region:

·         King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre

·         Riyadh Military Hospital

·         Kbb Istanbul

·         Ankara Saglik Müdürlügü

·         Medicana Hospital Group

·         American Hospital

·         Bezmi Alem Valide Sultan Vakif Gureba E A Hastanesi

·         Hille Yaffe Medical Center

·         Erfan Hospital

·         Ankara Numone Hospital

·         Zulekha Hospital

·         Denizli Devlet Hastanesi

·         King Fahad Medical City

Europe Region:

·         Hospital Municipal Mendez

·         Swiss prevention clinic

·         Klinik pyramide am see

·         Health centre

·         Clinique générale-beaulieu

·         Klinik im park

·         Klinik hirslanden

·         Klinik beau-site

·         Hirslanden clinique la colline

·         Salem-spital

·         Hirslanden klinik

·         J.w. Goethe university hospital

America Region:

·         Mayo Clinic

·         Cleveland Clinic

·         Massachusetts General Hospital

·         Johns Hopkins Hospital

·         UCSF Medical Center

·         New York-Presbyterian University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell

·         Yale-New Haven Hospital

·         Northwestern Memorial Hospital

·         UCLA Medical Center

·         University of Washington Medical Center

·         Hospitals of the University of Pennsylvania

·         Brigham and Women’s Hospital

·         Florida Hospital Orlando

·         Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Global Companies 

Europe Region:

·         Euradia

·         MedTech Europe

·         GlaxoSmithKline

·         Novo-Nordisk

·         Pfizer

·         Sanofi

·         Eli-Lilly

·         Merck

America Region:

·         Abbott Diabetes Care (formerly Therasense)

·         Accu-Chek

·         Arkray USA (formerly Hypoguard)

·         Bayer

·         LifeScan

·         Animas 

·         Asante Solutions 

·         SmithsMedical Deltec

·         Disetronic/Roche Insulin Delivery Systems

·         Sooil Development Co. 

Other Conferences